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Roundhouse rocking

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[Cliciwch yma i weld y darn blog yn Gymraeg]

During recent months, as we’ve been working on the new album, we’ve been jamming and rehearsing in some wonderful places.

Because we’re recording the album live, the rehearsals before going into the studio are just as important as the time we spend recording. And finding the right place to practice together is hugely important.

Other than in each other’s houses, we’ve been fortunate enough to practice quite a lot in the local chapel – a place close to my heart. There’s something really special about the acoustics of a chapel – the high ceiling, the wooden pews, the open space – all contribute towards a wonderful live sound.


But we’ve also been jamming in another special place – Tŷ Crwn (Roundhouse) in the Vale of Glamorgan. The house was built by our drummer Iolo and his friends, and its design is based on the roundhouses of the Iron Age. It’s a truly magical place – thick walls, a thatched roof, small square windows, an amazing mosaic in the middle of the room – and a number of musicians have been inspired by it. This is where folk singer Gwyneth Glyn and Tauseef Akhtar recorded their wonderful Ghazalaw album for example.

Recently, on a glorious spring evening we all met up at the roundhouse (me, Iolo Whelan, Bethan Mai and Lucy Simmonds) to rehearse for the evening. So, I’ve put together some photos, with the wonderful birdsong that filled the air that evening as its accompaniment. Hope you enjoy…


I also promised that I’d share with you some of the songs and artists that I’ve been listening to during the time we’ve been composing this new album, so here’s John Jacob Niles with Go ‘Way From My Window:


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