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The Invisible Dan

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[Cliciwch yma i weld y darn blog yn Gymraeg]

This is Dan.

Dan Green

Dan Green

Dan is a photographer, rather than a guitarist (although he tells me he dabbles with the guitar from time to time).

I first met him when he co-organised a festival in Cardiff back in 2011 called Big Little City, in which I was lucky enough to play. At the moment, during the 2014 Football World Cup, Dan has a photo/art exhibition at Cardiff MADE in Roath. It’s called Roath Rec World XI and it documents the weekly gathering of local footballers at Roath Recreation Ground  – “a celebration of multiculturalism and the beautiful game”. I went down to have a look and it’s a real treat. A highly original and fascinating piece of work which highlights the universality of football – a force which can bring people together.

Anyway, back to the music… and Dan dropped by the studio recently to take some photos.

The studio in question is run by the highly talented producer and musician Frank Naughton. This is where we’re recording the new album (and where my first two albums were mostly recorded) and it really is an inspirational place.

Dan Green has the knack of capturing on camera the idiosyncrasies all around and he managed to sink in effortlessly to the day’s proceedings. If you listen very carefully to the record (once it’s out), you may be able to hear his camera shutter open and close… always to the beat of course! Out of the 352 photos he sent me, for now, I’ve chosen a handful to include here.

So, I hope you enjoy this small selection of his stills (click on the first image to take you through the slideshow):


And to finish, do take a minute to enjoy this short clip of the brilliant Odetta singing Waterboy:


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Cerddor o Gymru // Welsh Musician

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