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Utica has arrived…

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[Mae’r darn blog yma hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg]

The new album Utica has just come back from the printers… how exciting! After months of composing, arranging, rehearsing, recording, re-recording, mixing, mastering, it all comes down to one album – one piece of plastic covered in cardboard.

I may be old fashioned, but I do like to hold a record in my hand – a tangible, hard copy where the artwork and music comes together.


For the new album we’ve had the pleasure of working with artist and photographer Kirsten McTernan, who’s based in Cardiff. You may be familiar with Kirsten’s work – she has a wonderful gift of reflecting the mood and essence of music through her photographs.

The Utica album was recorded ‘live’. As a band, we came together in the studio to perform together, live – and there’s a slightly raw and old fashioned feel to the sound. In many ways, the record could have been recorded 50 years ago… no modern sound effects, no 21st century trickery. And we were keen to capture this classical feel in the artwork and photographs.

So, without further ado, here’s the artwork for the album sleeve – the fruits of Kirsten’s work. The photos have been taken in various locations in Cardiff.

Huw M - Utica - cover backoriginal _KMT3765 copy 1 2

By the way, the latest with the album is as follows… Utica will be released on November 13th on the I KA CHING label, with a split single beforehand (I wanted you to cry // Sŵn y galon fach yn torri). We will launch the album in a gig in the Cardiff area on 13 November, with a tour to follow during the winter. More details to be announced soon.

Author: Huw M

Cerddor o Gymru // Welsh Musician

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